Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mini Review: Banila co. It Radiant CC cream

Hi all, how is your weekend so far? mine as usual is a boring one.... after away for so long i am back with a mini review for cc cream... oh ya, nowadays the IN thing is cc cream... haha so far i have not buy any brands cc cream in full size(dont know which to buy..too many choices,too little money)... only got this pathetic sample sachet :( sad ya...

so can someone be kind to send me some cc creams for sampling? in a small tube..because i hate sachet or packet form ....

Okay so today's review will be on banila co. It Radiant CC cream SPF30 PA++.... pictures first..

my pathetic sachet i got from qoo10 purchase... 

has SPF30 PA++...i always use a sunblock with higher SPF...i do not have the ingredients list.. maybe i go google for it?

hohoho...swatches! ya this cc cream is not the typical color change cc cream which is white with black,red,yellow? color change beads... it is a peach color cream

ok another picture... the consistency is creamy and easy to spread which i quite like..since the cc cream is moisturizing type..

  cc cream applied on the "o" side.. "x" side is without cc cream.. can see that the "o" side is brighten up..but it does not have coverage,so people looking for cc cream with coverage, this one is not suitable.

another picture.. somehow if i spread the cc cream evenly.. the"o" side may become like those korean milky skintone? hahaha

nice... this time lesser pictures... so this banila co. it radiant cc cream is suitable for people who...

1) dont need coverage, just brightening of skintone
2) has normal to dry skin... i think it is still better to apply moisturizer before applying cc cream
3) do not like to apply many layers of skincare such as sunblock before makeup

so the good...

1) moisturizing for my now dry skin due to weather changes
2) brightening effect... although the brightening is uneven..
3) creamy and easy to spread.. very smooth applying on skin

so the bad...

1) not for oily skin as it does feel a little oily
2) no coverage... 
3) does not really even out the skintone
4) floral citrus smell which kinda sting my nose a little

hope i didnt miss out any info that i need to write.... i need more bb and cc creams to try....cya soon?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Samples?Facebook Neutrogena Singapore 2 pieces samples for Hydro Boost Range

want some samples? i just redeemed a 2 pieces Neutrogena Hydro Boost Range sample from will reach my mailbox soon! great thing is they are not in so called pack form.. refer to the picture below!!!

picture i got from Neutrogena Singapore

get one now!  for singapore address only :(

Friday, June 07, 2013

Review: Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy Ex (hair gel in short for me!)

Hello everybody! As i said yesterday i bought the retail size for Ma Cherie's product so here is the review... i think it is a short one :)

I dont get it that they want to give such a long name for a product that i can never seems to remember it properly.... thus i name it as hair gel although it does not really work as those for styling hair :s

pictures first a while later :)

Aqua Dew Energy Ex! what a long name that i cant remember! bad  :s
actual color for the bottle....some of my pictures make it look pale pink.. it is a so called squeeze tube..

description and ingredients... ok i like the little heart on the top right  

 it is in gel form...hahaha hair gel remember?

 arggghs my messy hair before i put that gel on it....

after i apply the gel..i didnt apply much so it only looks glossy on the top part in the picture.

i kind of regretted after i used it for the 2nd time as the perfume smell stinks! When i was at Watsons, the tube smells fresh and it kind of kept asking me to buy it. Just last week when i was looking at the pictures, i took this out and realized maybe i should use lesser of it so it would not be so sting on my nose :) This product also stings my palms as i have cuts so this another reason i dont really like this product.

Good :)
- makes hair smooth and glossy so this product does its job.
- easy squeeze tube packing.
- if you like perfume smelling hair products

Bad :(
- smells bad when i used too much (too much fragrance/perfume added)
- people who are allergic to fragrance/perfume
- price is a little expensive

i wont buy this again as i didnt really like this product and it is going to take a long time for me to finish up or maybe wont even finish it...... i am going to hunt for other hair moisturizing products :( 

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Shiseido/Senka/MaCherie/Majolica Majorca and products

this is a super overdue post.. i decided that i should put up those pictures becos i have bought some products from these brands :)

2012 December i went for Watsons Members’ Beauty Matsuri Day Out  Introducing Shiseido Japanese Products: Senka Skincare x Majolica Majorca Make Up x Ma Chérie Hair Styling(ok i took the words from their facebook page).......i am so curious so i registered for the course..... well...the course was not a pleasant one :S. i am not sure if i wanna elaborate about pictures first....

first part they were talking about Senka 'Perfect'(not sure about the name,haha) cleansing series....
 see the right corner there are 3 nail polish looking bottles? i like the product so interesting...unfortunately i could not take clear pictures of the swatches :( 

gel type makeup remover......very convenient to use

swatches.. left: perfect gel.. right: perfect liquid(liquid or oil form?i need to check :s)

the perfect liquid on the right needs to add some water on it and rub in half circles on the face... seems troublesome for me

and they introduced the Senka Hoshitsu Lotion which is a toner and moisturizer in one..... texture is similar to hada labo lotion... i didnt take the pictures as my hands were sticky after using it.... pour too much duh :s check out the product in here ....

second! i am interested about it....

One of the star products.. it is a primer.. nice flora paper on the background :)

i see the guy keeps shaking the tube to get the stuff out is so :s LOL! as the quantity of the product is low in the tube we could not even get to squeeze it ourselves :(

 hehe! managed to get some swatch.. a yellowish cream which becomes clear after applying....i dont get it when the sales person tries it on my arm months ago it looks white! and i got turned off by the price, 20 plus bucks for small tube :S ..i am still not impressed after i applied it on my face..

hokay.... it looks good...smooth surface for makeup...i am not sure if it does have silicone but its feels like one...

Majolica Majorca powder foundations. only comes in 4 shades. BO is for yellowish skin undertone and OC is for neutral or slight pink undertones

eyeshadow and honey lip gloss... i didnt use it much as i am still bad at doing eyes makeup! GRR!

hokay my favorite..... BLUSH!
remember the nail polish looking bottles in my first pictures? there are 4 colors but i only found 3 there?? i think another bottle at far away table :s from right to left: raspberry(red),strawberry(pink),coral or apricot(cant remember)

only have swatches for 2 colors :( the other pictures i took the colors cant show up properly! GRR!
bottom: red, top: pink. ok i am stating the obvious :s
i didnt buy it although i like it a lot is because it is inconvenient for me as i am always rushing when i do makeup,i am slow la and may spill this whole bottle of blush! :s and another is the price la!

okokok last part........ about hair care blah blah blah......that speaker was rushing though cos start late and over time liaos....

almost all the range of Ma Cherie products in this picture...i didnt take picture for the shampoo and conditioner.the interesting one are the hot pink aerosol spray bottle is the hair fragrance(actually there are such products long time ago), the aqua dew energy ex which is basically a gel type hair moisturizer(i named it as hair gel for short and that speck guy speaker was unhappy...LOL i arm chio! anyway i have bought the retail size and regretted it! review coming....) interested in other Ma Cherie products? click here

my bad for such a long winded review? i know i know there are people who dont read.......but i am sure there are many more people who are willing to read :) a Thank You to all who reads :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

i am back with....CAKES!?


ok i am back. i have sorted out my pictures from my camera so i can write reviews already.. oh yay i am excited actually... so before i resume my reviews writing, i shall post some pictures of one of my favorite food...... LET'S START :)

 my cousin bday cake..sept 2012..ok i know it is long ago

i like the cakes and bread from this bakery but so sad is the price,keeps increasing.


its xmas!!! oh no! it is summer this cake was is also a bday cake :)
 taken in indoor you know dec as usual gloomy gloomy raining days :(

i didnt realise this cake looks so cute until i see the pictures! slow....i just love the santa and the snow slide!

okok.. NOW SUMMER!

seems million years i have swensens!

yay!!! guess what kind of cake is this? again it is bday cake :) 

looks good ya? :) 

hokay finally! so i guess by now you guys already know what type of cake is this... my bad for not taking a picture of how it looks inside...

so do you like to eat cakes? i do want to eat more but i can eat a little each time cos the sweetness makes me get full fast....

Saturday, March 09, 2013

2013 first post @ MARCH?!

this is what i have got.......

Handy in the real world manipulation of objects and events, you are easily enthused by practical projects. You often ignore or conveniently forget rules and boundaries that limit your freedom. This need for freedom extends even to the personal sphere and though you are kind and gentle, you will often be hard to pin down to a monogamous lifestyle. Because you tend to verbalize so seldom, you can be seen as phlegmatic or impassive. In moments of high tension you can often surprise those around you with a lighthearted or humorous remark. Because of your facility with the physical world, you are often engaged in sports that require dexterity, such as motorcycling or hang gliding. You will rarely have time for flights of fancy or unproductive discussion. Constraints on your freedom will be regarded as a personal attack.

ahhh well, it is too deep for me to understand..........but the freedom part is true...just that i did not have it........

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunplay sample from facebook & sunplay aqua bought

today i am gonna put 2 items into a post. they are both sunblock from Sunplay....

first of all is Sunplay super block with SPF 130 PA+++ !!! this is a sample i have got from facebook sunplay sg page. get it from here now!

yes, this time got pictures for the sample bcos it arrived in 2 weeks.

 this is how the sample looks like

the back. comes in 6g tube? eh no is bottle?

click on picture to see ingredients and descriptions.

ok next....... is Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Whitening SPF 25 PA++....sad, this is not sample. my mom bought the full size for $17.20 from Watsons..... now i worry about my skin allergy. hope this sun block works for me, twist fingers :)

 it looks like this....

the back...

click on pic for descriptions

 the ingredients....

i have not use both the products yet and i will do so soon..... so no reviews yet :(


oh yay!! both together..SUNPLAY yo :) see the sizes.....

do get the sample for the Sunplay super block to try if you have not use any Sunplay products before